About the Foundation

The Foundation’s Goal

The goal of the Foundation is to contribute to the fusion of scientific and engineering research. To provide a concrete paradigm, it fosters university cross-disciplinary research projects in which at least one discipline is related to analog or mixed analog-digital integrated circuit design and analysis. Preference is given to projects that help diffuse such work geographically. The research support provided by the Foundation is in the form of grants.

History of the Foundation

The Catalyst Foundation was established on November 4, 1992 under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in the State of Texas. Since its inception as a private foundation in which the endowment was donated by Dr. Kunio Suyama, a co-founder of OYO Corporation in Japan, the Catalyst Foundation has been actively engaging in the decompartmentalization of scientific and engineering research through funding activities to university projects that are cross-disciplinary in nature. The mission was first drafted by Professor Yannis Tsividis of Columbia University whose inclusionary vision resonated with Kunio Suyama and appealed to his philanthropic nature.

The Foundation’s initial mission has been faithfully implemented through various research projects. In 1998, the Board of Trustees expanded the Foundation’s scope slightly to include charitable contributions to GeoHazards International (GHI). GHI was established in 1993 as a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce death and injury caused by earthquakes in the world’s most vulnerable communities by employing cross-disciplinary scientific and engineering means.

The Foundation continues to retain the original mission while it is actively adjusting its focus to ever-changing society needs.