Common Questions

How often does the Catalyst Foundation award its grants? And is there a given time period to apply for a grant?

Once a year. We normally announce a call for proposals during the 2nd quarter of each year. The Foundation also announces a call for proposal in the Catalyst Foundation Group of the LinkedIn. Researchers are encouraged to join the Catalyst Foundation Group to get the latest call for proposal information.

Where can I find out more about the type of research projects the Foundation has already funded?

The Foundation website has detailed descriptions of all funded projects, both current on-going projects, and completed projects. The descriptions include links to the Educational Institutions funded.

Who reviews the proposals and determines which proposals are awarded the grants?

The Foundation uses a network of outside reviewers including engineers, university professors, scientists and doctors with expertise in the areas under evaluation.

Is funding limited to the US?

No, the Foundation welcomes proposals from around the world.

Does the Foundation cover the indirect cost?

No. The Foundation only supports student stipend, tuition, and some other direct cost items described in the Funding Guideline section.