Call for Proposals


Solicitation for the Call for Proposals

Supplementary Funding

has been closed



invites proposals for a Supplementary Funding

of Cross-Disciplinary Research Projects

in which at least one discipline is related to

analog/digital integrated circuit design and analysis.

This year’s theme is

“Interface to physical world; sensor or MEMS.”



To provide supplemental funding for an existing, on-going research project that fulfills the mission of the Catalyst Foundation.  The on-going project must have existing funding sources from reputable funding agencies such as NSF, DoD, etc.

Grant Amount:

$20,000 per year non-renewable

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Principal investigators (PIs) through the grant office of their universities.


12 month period

Acceptable Use of Catalyst Funds:

  • Student Travel
  • Fabrication Costs
  • Student Support (their stipend or salary)
  • Measurement Equipment
  • Professor’s Travel

This funding should not be used for faculty offset or salary items.

Deadline for proposal submission:


Target date for the notification of acceptance:

February 15, 2016

Proposal Format:

The abstract of project (1 to 2 pages) must be submitted with the original proposal of on-going project.  The proposal can be free format but must include

  • Status of project
  • Cross-disciplinary statement to meet the Foundation’s mission
  • Intended use of funds
  • Name(s) of organization(s) currently funding project, with the original proposal must be attached.

Submission requirements:

Electronic submission of proposal is required.  File format should be PDF, Post-Script, or Microsoft Word.  Submit proposals by email to  Please also include electronic fund transfer information if possible.

Additional Information:

Please refer to the Catalyst Foundation website, for insight into the types of projects that have received funding from the Catalyst Foundation previously.